Automated Calling System

Contacting individuals to remind them about payments, appointments, timesheets, and other events can become a very time-consuming task. Call-Em-All can deliver your reminders to ten or ten-thousand contacts instantly.

Text messaging is also included with your service!

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Automated Calling Features

Call-Em-All's automated calling service helps you deliver important messages quickly. Rather than sending messages one by one, you can deliver many calls at once. Need texting too? See our automated texting service.

Schedule Delivery

Prepare your messages to be delivered at a future date and time.


Call Speed

Adjust the rate at which calls are sent out to better manage callbacks.


Audio Library

Save time by storing messages that you use frequently.


Voicemail Detection

We detect voicemail systems and leave your message after the beep.


Automated Calling Is Not Robocalling

We’ll get straight to the point. We loathe unwanted and annoying interrupt-dinner-with-the-family SPAM calls. If you want to send political, marketing, or promotional messages, you’re going to have to find another service - we don’t allow it. Here are some great ways to use our automated calling system and our automated texting service.

Staffing & Recruiting
Notify contacts about job openings, announce shift changes, request overtime, and send timesheet reminders.

Send flu shot and appointment reminders, message residents & families at long-term care facilities, or send payment reminders.

Waste & Utilities
Send notices about emergencies, maintenance, changes in service, or payment reminders.

How Automated Calling Works

Our easy-to-use system let's you quickly send a pre-recorded voice message to your contacts. Whether you need to reach a ten, or ten-thousand, contacts - we've got you covered. You save tons of time and life is sweet!

  • 1
    Add Contacts

    Add contacts by uploading a CSV or XLX file with your phone numbers, or if you've got some time, type them one by one.

  • 2
    Create Message

    Record your message using our toll-free recording line, upload an audio file, or select a message from the audio library.

  • 3
    Review Broadcast Details

    Check the status of your broadcastr and see how many calls were answered live, went to voicemail, were busy, or invalid.

How to view your automated call results

There are two easy ways to review the results of your voice broadcast - Broadcast Summary and Broadcast Details.
Broadcast Summary


Your voice broadcasting details can be found on the homepage of your account. Each time you sign in to your account, you'll be taken to this screen where you can quickly view the results of your automated calls, copy an existing broadcast, or create a new broadcast.
When you select one of the broadcasts shown on your homepage, you'll be taken to the broadcast details screen where you'll get a detailed view of your broadcast results. Click into call results to see how individuals answered your automated phone call.

Broadcast Details