At Call-Em-All, we pride ourselves on creating simple user experiences, but there have been times where we didn't do a good job of highlighting popular features. It's pretty common for us to get customers who want a specific feature - only to find out we already have that feature in place! So, today's blog post is going to talk about 11 features that you probably didn't know about.

1. Launch By Phone

You can send broadcasts from your phone without a computer. No internet access is required! This is great for emergency situations or when you're away from your computer. Click here for instructions.

2. Mobile App

It's not a native mobile application, but rather our web app is mobile friendly. Create new broadcasts and access a lot of other features right from your phone. Go to on your mobile device to get started.

2. Replay line

Ever have a contact who says they didn't get the message? That's why we have a replay line (844-358-1565), that allows broadcast recipients to call and replay the last message sent to their phone. Use this number as your caller ID number and when contacts call you back - they'll get your message. 

Note: The call has to be made on the same phone that received the message.

4. Conversations

Many customers don't realize that contacts can reply to text broadcasts. We built conversations to better manage replies and create a place where you can launch new 1-to-1 conversations. We wrote an informative 'how to' article that you should check out!

5. Unlimited 1 to 1 & Small Groups

For $40/month, you can text enable a landline to send unlimited 1-to-1 text messages or messages to small groups. Give your contacts a personal experience with messages directly from your business number.

Note: If you need high volume mass texting, talk to us first.

6. Recurring Broadcasts

Do you have recurring events, meetings or reminders? Use our recurring broadcast feature to repeat that message at a specific time every week, month, whatever suits your need. Check out our 'how to' to get more information about this feature.

6. Messengers

There are a couple of ways to share account access, either share your username and password with your colleagues - or create messengers. With this feature, each "messenger" will get their own username and password. Click the "my account" tab and you are well on your way! Click here for a step by step manual.

8. Easy Message Recording

Creating a voice message is as easy as recording a voicemail. When you create your broadcast you'll be prompted to upload an audio file or you can call our recording line to speak your message. Check out our live demonstration of 'how to' here.

9. API

We believe every computer has something important to say. If you want to add some Call-Em-All powers to your application, we've got you covered. Our API is easy to use and fully functional; get an account, apply for api access, and start coding. 

10. Transfers

Send a broadcast and give your contacts the option to press a button and connect with you immediately. Make sure you have the transfer and connect feature enabled in your account. Check out how to set this up.

11. Smart Contact Uploads

Who has the time to manually enter contacts? You can add contacts directly to your broadcast by uploading a file, or you can upload and manage contacts independent of the broadcast creation process in the "Contacts" section. You can also manage groups!

12. Broadcast Settings

Important broadcast settings are available to everyone. Setup and manage calling windows. Update your call speed if you don't want messages to go out at our default speed of 2,500/minute. We also have a message length setting for how long your voice broadcast can be. Also, if a call appears in your broadcast details as invalid, busy or not completed, our system can retry the call up to three more times; depending on your retry level in your account settings. Your account's default setting is 1 retry.

Hopefully you discovered something in this list that was new to you. If you have more questions, or want to suggest a feature - we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at 877-226-3080 or by email at

BONUS INFO: We're working hard on updating our settings section to have a simplified user interface for making things easier to get too. Here's a sneak peak.