It's that time of year again - Back to School!

If you're one of our Education customers you are probably very busy about now getting ready for the upcoming school year. With so much to do and such little time to get things done, using a group calling and mass texting service is a great way to efficiently deliver important messages. Below you'll find a list of 15 ways Call-Em-All helps schools & universities deliver important messages to students, parents, and staff.

The average person responds to email in 90 minutes. When you need to communicate important messages, a phone call or text message is your best option. 90% of text messages are read in under 3 minutes! Our service can deliver thousands of messages instantly to your contacts which saves you massive amounts of time.


  1. Registration - Ensure that you have all of the required paperwork for students.
  2. Meetings/Events - Deliver a quick text message to let staff know about important meetings. Great for parent/teacher conferences, PTA, and sporting events.
  3. Policy - The rules often get updated or changed, when they do you can quickly remind your contacts.
  4. Payments - There will always be late payments. Why not automate these reminders?
  5. Deadlines - Everyone is busy and it's easy to forget about due dates. Be proactive and message contacts about important deadlines before they pass.
  6. Holidays - Quickly remind contacts which facilities or services are unavailable during holidays.


  1. School Closings - Quickly get the word out when weather or an emergency forces a closure.
  2. Early Dismissal - These notifications will ensure everyone understands when normal schedules change.
  3. Schedule Changes - School staff can be reached quickly so you can easily resolve staffing conflicts.
  4. Attendance - Identify your list of contacts and notify them all at once when students are missing.
  5. Emergency - Safety is always a concern and you can quickly keep students, staff, and parents in the loop with our easy to use service.


  1. Counseling - When you need to ensure that messages are read and responded too. Send a combo broadcast covering both voice & text.
  2. Staff - Need substitutes? Filling a teaching position? Easily reach out to groups of candidates at one time, or send text messages right from your computer.
  3. Surveys - Getting feedback is a breeze with our survey feature, broadcast your question and have contacts press 1 or 2 to answer.
  4. Welcome - Send students, staff, or parents a welcome back to school message.

We'd love to hear more about how customers use our service. Feel free to leave a comment below. If you have questions about getting started with our service or how you can apply one of the ideas above to your account - email us at or call us at 877-226-3080.