The peak of hurricane season is here, and it's a bad time of the year for the weather to catch you unprepared. It's highly unusual for severe weather to sneak up on us in a day where most of us have a cellphone in our pockets. Not too long ago, you had to be notified by television or radio of any impending weather. Now, your phone is your emergency alert system and can help save lives. But are you prepared? At Call-Em-All, we take pride in being able to provide a valuable service that helps so many people communicate during an emergency.

Unfortunately, most people don't think about a communication planhurricane for a natural disaster until it's too late. Amid chaos and disaster, automated text and voice messaging services have the potential to inform and unite an infinite number of people almost instantly. Whether an organization needs to reach 10 or 10,000 people, using a fast and efficient system like Call-Em-All will help keep people safe, informed, and prepared when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Below are a few examples of how an automated mass messaging service can be used to help save lives:

EVACUATION PLANS - Businesses, local governments, senior living facilities, and schools all need to communicate urgently with a large group of people. They can't afford delayed evacuation plan messaging. Imagine using a service that queues up messages to be delivered slowly over time. That simply wouldn't work in an emergency situation when timing could be the difference between life and death. Call-Em-All gets your messages out quickly, with a voice broadcastmass text message, or combo message where you send both voice and text.

BUSINESS CLOSURES -Hurricanes will undoubtedly result in business closures. An automated messaging service is a great way to notify employees and customers on how the emergency will be handled with updated operating days and times.

"We will be closed until Monday 8/26 to allow our employees adequate time to recover from the hurricane. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!"

SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS -Notify customers of a service disruption like changes in trash pickup. Keeping customers informed, keeps them happy, and gives you a chance to show thoughtfulness and concern for their well being.

"Due to the flooding of many residential areas and the concern of our employee's safety, trash pickup will not resume until Monday 8/26"

EMPLOYEE CHECK-INS -Send out a voice broadcast survey to check on the well-being of your employees and whether they are safe, injured, or need help.

RESIDENT EVACUATION, VOLUNTEER REQUESTS, & RECOVERY SERVICES -With so much focus on the actual storm hurricane2and getting people out of harm's way, we often forget about the first responders and emergency staff running to the front lines. Organizing volunteers and emergency staff to help with evacuating residents, providing medical attention, and post-storm recovery services is a considerable effort. Many of our staffing customers are already trying to fill requests for hundreds of nurses and emergency staff.

**Don't forget, you can prepare an emergency notification ahead of time with our templates feature**

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