Update: Prior to promoting your SMS keyword, verify that you are complying with CTIA rules and best practices.

Once you have created a keyword, it’s time to spread the word and get your contacts to subscribe to your text alerts. To help save you some time, and get your wheels turning, we have created a list of ways to promote your keyword.  25 ways to promote your sms keyword (no particular order):

- In store displays
- Facebook
- Car wrappers
- Email signature
- Billboard
- Website
- Mass email
- Newsletter
- Sky writing
- Radio spots
- Print advertisements
- Promotional products
- T-Shirts
- Blog
- Business cards
- TV advertisements
- Restaurant table tops
- Flyers
- Send an automated call
- Receipts
- Brochures
- Myspace
- Twitter
- Word of mouth
- Stickers

If you have any more ideas, or suggestions, please comment and let us know.

The Call-Em-All Team