Let’s be honest here, we all need a helping hand.

We all get confused and end up chasing our tails until we give in to asking for direction. Thankfully there is light at the end of the Call-Em-All tunnel. I spoke with our Customer Service and Development team and they enlightened me on elusive tricks of the trade.

Replay Line

This feature is free and easily accessible. It allows recipients of your messages to call a toll-free 800 number (844-358-1565) and we will play them the most recent message they were sent from Call-Em-All within the last 10 days (http://support.call-em-all.com/customer/portal/articles/1057864). When customers call in and say they don’t want their call recipients calling them back directly, we help solve the problem by recommending this feature. In the case of classification issues, replay line usually saves the day. Customers sometimes complain that people call them back and say they didn't check their voicemail. The replay line helps eliminate those calls back to their office. So, large scale confusion  is prevented with the option of a replay line.


We  recommend this feature for those who find themselves receiving feedback that the calls they are attempting are busy, continuous ringing, or invalid. Well, there is a safeguard for that. As of now,  your account is set to a default one additional retry (http://support.call-em-all.com/customer/portal/articles/1080579-if-a-number-cannot-be-reached-the-first-time-will-the-system-try-again-?t=364478). However, you can adjust your account to retry up to 3 additional attempts. The more retries done, the higher the percentage of people the message reaches. You can see where I’m going with this - it’s an excellent communication tool to reach masses.

Transfer and Connect

How it works: A call is sent out by one of our customers to their contacts. Should a recipient answer the call live and hear the voice recording, he or she can press 0 and be transferred to the caller (our customer) right away. This lessens the confusion and stress when the recipient has a question or comment on the recording and needs to talk directly to the caller (http://support.call-em-all.com/customer/portal/articles/1587790).
This is a true hidden feature of Call-Em-All because we do not advertise it; so if you know about it or one of the support team members told you, consider yourself super cool.
Let’s take staffing for example. A staffing company sends out a mass call to 500 people in need of 20 forklift operators. That broadcast is sent and workers pickup the call live. A question arises on the time, place, pay, or they simply want to accept the position. This problem can be easily solved with “transfer and connect.”

Many customers are not aware of these features that Call-Em-All provides, yet, with the help of our support team, these features and others help our customers tremendously. Have other questions? Reach out to our Customer Support team.