For the vast majority of Americans, robocalls and spam phone calls are a reality of daily life. It’s not hard to understand why complaints are steadily rising, especially when they are often associated with political, telemarketing, and other scams designed to take advantage of consumers. Not all robocalls are bad though. Appointment reminders, job or shift openings, and emergency notifications are just a few of the positive ways people use robocalls for good.

Call-Em-All loathes unwanted & annoying interrupt-dinner-with-the-family spam calls. We know that we have a powerful product, yet we choose to use our powers for good and not evil. In fact, we turn away new customers every day who want to use our services for marketing, political, or promotional reasons. From participation in the FTC RoboCall Summit to advocating for the control of illegal robocalls, we are aware that unfortunate events make mass communication imperative to people's safety and we are proud that our service helps others. Here are four examples of how robocalls can help save lives:

1. NATURAL DISASTERS (Blizzards, Hurricanes, & Wildfires)

The unpredictable nature of the weather can be disruptive and life-threatening. Communication during and immediately after a disaster situation is a critical component of response and recovery, in that it connects affected people, families, and communities with first responders, support systems, and other family members. The need to message large groups of customers or employees can be solved with an automated message service to quickly get the word out about road closures, evacuation information, or other urgent announcements.


Shelter is one of the basic human needs. Unfortunately, unexpected and catastrophic events can result in life-threatening situations. The need for warmth during cold winters and cool air during extremely high temps can put individuals and families at risk when utilities are temporarily unavailable. Utility and waste companies have begun to utilize the voice and texting services that Call-Em-All provides to better prepare and communicate when the unexpected occurs. 


School and college officials consistently discuss their emergency messaging plans for unexpected crises. Before the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting, many campuses relied solely on email for emergency notification. But, many found them to be an inefficient means of communication. Now, schools and college universities are utilizing mass voice and text messaging services to provide a better solution. Emergency messaging can help increase the community’s knowledge about safety and security issues and address rumors from the media that might not be accurate.


With over 2,700 local programs in all 50 states and more than 600,000 individuals, these volunteer groups focus on preparedness for disasters that may impact the areas they live in. Many of these programs rely on services like Call-Em-All to help make communication more efficient and reliable when planning training events or coordinating volunteers during a disaster.

Long before robocalls became the plague they are associated with today, Americans still dealt with telemarketers, autodialers, and various phone scammers using the old copper-wire telephone system. The issue is not robocalls; the problem is how people intend to use them. Our automated calling system is a great way to connect with your group, but always remember to get consent and be considerate before reaching out to your audience.

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