Natural disasters cause massive amounts of property damage but they also cause huge disruptions to businesses, schools, and local & state governements. In particular, communication during the first 24-48 hours is crucial to preventing loss of life. Hurricane Matthew has already made history thanks to its persistence and intensity in the Caribbean Sea, and could set a few more records in the days ahead. Here are 4 ways our customers are experiencing how Hurricane Matthew is impacting communication.

Hurricane Matthew Communication


  1.  Rescheduling of Services
    Picking up your trash is something often taken for granted, but when something like Hurricane Matthew comes along Waste & Recycling companies have to notify customers and employees of schedule changes. These companies need to be able to quickly react to changing conditions and get messages out multiple times during the chaos of a major hurricane. Aside from your trash, think about other scheduled services that get impacted; house cleaning, landscaping, pest control, elderly care, and the list goes on.

  2. Office Closures
    What happens to your doctors appointment when a hurricane forces evacuations and office closures? Healthcare providers need to remind paitients that offices are closed and share their plan for resetting appointments. It's not just healthcare providers though, any type of business that communicates regularly with their customers may need to notify them.

  3. Evacuation Plans
    One group of people that is highly impacted during these types emergencies are senior citizens. Think of all of the senior living facilities. It's critical for these companies to be able to keep residents informed before, during, and after a major event like a hurricane. Letting seniors know that the storm is being monitored,  what planning is underway, and even relaying evacuation notices is critical to protecting them. This also applies to property managers, schools, hospitals, religious groups, and other large organizations or employers who need to make urgent announcements.

  4. Staffing Volunteers & First Responders
    Mobilizing large groups of volunteers after a natural disaster is a daunting task. Religious groups, non-profits, and local governments often help to coordinate volunteer efforts. These group maintain lists and need to quickly provide instructions.

Hurricane-MatthewOur solutions make it easy to communicate with large groups during these types of emergency notification situations. Getting the message out quickly can save lives and reduce the chaos created by an event like Hurricane Matthew or other types of natural disasters like an; avalanche, flood, fire, tornado, tsunami or drought.

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