Many employers ask their employees to display the traits of a transparent workplace, such as honesty, respect, and integrity. But unless an employer also acts in this way, the workplace won't truly be transparent. When the leader of a workplace creates a transparent culture, the workplace and its employees benefit in several ways. The results may be faster problem solving, better teamwork, healthy working relationships, trust and, ultimately, improved performance.

Here are 4 ways in which Call-Em-All strives to create a culture of transparency:


Every Wednesday the entire company gathers to eat lunch (We love food!) and discuss important financial metrics. Nothing is a secret! It’s a time for us to provide visibility and review business operations, as well as help employees understand how the company is performing. The meeting provides valuable insight for cross-functional teams and an opportunity for employees to come together and share ideas.



At the beginning of the year, the Call-Em-All team performs a SWOT analysis to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We put giant post-it notes (Hai's fave!) on the wall for each category where every individual has a chance to provide their input. An honest SWOT analysis helps us identify what we are doing well, where we can improve, and where we fit in the competitive landscape. Out of the SWOT comes our strategic plan for the year which everyone was able to define. 



Retrospectives occur after both small and large projects and are an important way that we improve our processes. Authenticity is one of our core values and it means having the courage to be imperfect, to be real, and to be honest. During our retrospectives, we review what went well and what didn't. Sometimes this is hard feedback to hear, but in the end it makes us better. 



Modeled after a Town Hall meeting, our Fireside Chats is an opportunity for our leaders, Brad & Hai, to discuss the ‘why’ behind the decisions we make. A subject of interest is chosen, and the leaders have 10 minutes of prepared comments before giving employees the opportunity to ask questions. It’s also another way for us to improve our communication and transparency efforts.

Fireside Chat

 The key to transparent workplaces is authenticity and openness among all employees in the workplace. When employees feel “in the loop,” they can fully embrace their professional roles and see them within the larger context of the organization, leading to greater success for all. We've built our culture around it and we believe it helps drive our success.