Internships have always been popular with undergrad and graduate students who are looking to gain valuable work experience.

An internship gives a student the chance to try out a job or industry on the road to choosing their specialty. Having this option is invaluable as some students might not feel ready to enter the job market for fear of making the wrong choice at the beginning of their career.

According to a recent Gallup report, 71 percent of all college graduates agree that taking on an internship helped them land full-time employment. It looks great on a resume, it helps to narrow the focus on career choices, and in the end, it gives the student valuable insights into how life will look once they’re in the working world.

Internship Benefits to the Company

The internship has benefits on both sides of the fence – both to the student and the company who takes them on.

1. Interns Offer a Fresh Perspective

Placing an intern invites diversity, offering a unique perspective that can be applied towards making a product or service better.

2. Internships Enhance a Company’s Social Strategy and Presence

An intern will help you spread the word about your company – especially if they have a positive experience. They’ll talk about you to their friends, family, and other students, raising your social visibility and public awareness.

3. Gain an Extra Set of Valuable Hands

Interns give you access to extra help. Don't dump the grunt work on them, though. Instead, please provide them with the opportunity to really contribute to your business. Consider assigning them with their own project that they it through from start to finish.

4. Mentorship Opportunities

Internships connect employers with the community, including colleges and universities. This offers the opportunity to build strong relationships with up-and-coming talent through mentorship and training.

5. Today’s Interns Could Become Entry-Level Hires

An active internship program helps you build a steady pipeline of young and qualified talent who could well become your next star employee.

These are five great reasons why you should institute an internship program, but there are plenty of other benefits to consider. The bottom line is that today’s interns are tomorrow’s leaders. Wouldn’t you want to have a hand in shaping that future?

Call-Em-All’s Internship Program

Not all internships are created equal. Some offer compensation, and some do not. Call-Em-All offers a paid internship program because we believe that the better we support our young talent, the greater the rewards. It’s all about the future.

"We do the right thing (even when no one is looking)" - Manifesto

We work directly with schools like the University of Texas, Dallas campus, recruiting from their computer engineering program. Because we treat our interns as valuable assets, our program is quite competitive. For us, it delivers high-quality candidates, and it also gives us a chance to invest in the future of our industry.

Many of our past interns have gone on to full-time jobs within the company, while others have moved on to entrepreneurial pursuits. In either case, they took what they learned and turned it into a career they love. Beyond the practical benefit to us, it just feels good to help others figure things out.

Our internship program is just one of the great things about Call-Em-All. Reach out today to learn more about our opportunities.