"Family isn't always blood, it's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are..." This Maya Angelou quote inspired the theme for the upcoming National Assisted Living week. The importance of this week is to educate society about assisted living communities and celebrate its residents. Call-Em-All would like to join in on the initiative to educate you on ways we help senior living communities.

What happens when you need to communicate an urgent message to the residents? This is where Call-Em-All comes in. Our service sends out hundreds of messages to save you the hassle of making all those calls individually.

Below are 5 ways Call-Em-All can help your community.

Upcoming Events

Still posting paper announcements on the community announcement board? Well, waste trees no more. A voice call or text can tell the residents of the upcoming event. You can also send out a reminder the day before so the "I didnt know" excuse is eliminated. 

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Think about the times you have answered the same question over and over again... Yes I know, its frustrating! How about sending out one automated voice call to all the residents and potential residents to answer their burning questions. This saves you time and a headache. 

Inform Residents About Maintenance

Quickly send out a voice call or text message to inform the residents of any maintenance that will affect their day to day lives. This eliminates the confusion of emails. 

Messaging Employees

Putting employee communications in the break room is a hit or miss. With our texting services, all your employees can get notified when a shift is available, change in protocal, meeting updates and other important employee annoucements. 

Emergency Communications

Having our communication service makes it easy to alert your residents on the latest updates and evacuations regarding an emergency situation. 

If you have any questions or would like to implement our services call 877-226-3080 or email us at info@call-em-all.com. We look forward to helping you improve your community.

Happy National Assisted Living Week!