Technological tools, like an automatic texting service, can ensure consistent and precise communication between a coach and their players. In sports, there are many different changes that can happen at a moment's notice. Anything from weather updates to practice cancellations can pop up, leading coaches to have to go to the long line of parents/player’s phone numbers or emails in order to try and make sure that the message is relayed. It can be very difficult to relay these important messages to a large group all at once. But, an automatic texting service can simplify communication and make a coach’s life a lot easier.

As a coach, maintaining constant communication is an important part of your role. Communicating with your players well is what will separate you from other coaches, and ensure that you are doing a good job. Whether you are providing feedback or introducing your players to a new strategy, communication is key. It translates to better games and more wins. That is why having an automated texting system can be a great addition to any team. It ensures that you can get the message out to your players no matter where you are. Need more convincing? Here are a couple of ways that coaches can benefit from utilizing an automated texting service.

1. Weather Updates

Depending on what sport you coach, the weather can affect the status of a game quickly. Whether the game is delayed or canceled, an automated texting system can ensure that all of your players get information about the game’s status quickly. That way, you will not have to worry about anyone missing a game or traveling anywhere in unsafe weather. This lowers the stress levels of not just you, but your players’ and their parents as well.

2. Rescheduling

Life can happen fast. If you need to cancel a practice (or another mandatory event), you can use an automated texting service to get the information out quickly to all of your players. That way you do not have to worry about misinformation, especially on short notice. Also, text messages can be great reminders of events that happen off the field as well, such as study groups and team-building exercises. Often, these are the events that truly help the team grow together and in turn, play together. Getting that single text reminder might be the thing that pushes the player from not going to an event, to making the effort to go.

3. Sharing Resources

Have a video or highlight of a play that you would like your players to watch? Want to send off a quick tip before a game? With an automatic texting service, you can do that instantly. You will be able to send a direct link to your players so they can easily see whatever resource that you would like for them to view. Your coaching can not only be on the field, but it can also stretch beyond that as well.

4. Keeping Parents in the Loop

Parents are a very important part of school sports. Keeping the parents involved has many different positive effects, including boosting team morale and increasing attendance at games. Also, if a player misses a text message about an important event (i.e, a reschedule) then contacting the parent will ensure that they will pass it on to the player. You can also remind parents about other important aspects such as missing paperwork.

5. Customization

Need to inform just a couple members of the team, or just the parents? With an automated texting system, you can customize the preferred recipient of the text message. That way, you will not have to send out unnecessary messages to everyone on the texting list. The customization is great for communicating with players that run certain positions; or team captains.

6. Setting Automated Messages

Need to send out a daily, weekly, or monthly message? Automated texting services will do just that for you. That way, you will not have to worry about making sure that everyone got the message. You set it once, and then you sit back and let the messages go out on their own. It is that simple, and it is extremely efficient.

As a coach, communication is key. Because of that, using an automated texting service is a great way to ensure that your message is received quickly and efficiently every time, you can also do a mass text to save yourself some time! From canceled practices to sharing a play, this service delivers all of this information quickly to the delegated recipients. No longer will your players get lost in translation or turn to the internet in order to find one lowly social media post or email. With texting, you can make sure that they get the message so they can breathe easily. Also, it often has a ton of convenience features including setting weekly messages or personalizing the recipients. This helps you save time without neglecting the message. If you use an automated texting service, it will surely make your life easier and make conflicting communication a thing of the past.