Texting sometimes gets a bad rap. When we think about texting, we don’t always think of it in a business context. If the idea of texting conjures images of scams and spam marketing, we want to shift your focus a bit to consider this concept: spam is bad. But automated messaging helps people—and businesses—in many useful ways.

How Do You Get Your Message Out?

Think about it. You need to get a message to your team, your tenants, your customers, your faculty, your students – and the list goes on. How are you going to do it?

You could send an email, but this is not the preferred method of communication for many people. Your message might go unopened, and critical information could potentially be missed.

Also, calling on the phone would be a time-consuming and lengthy process. Do you really have time for that? And would the people you are trying to reach even pick up the phone? Again, missed signals, and certainly not a good use of your valuable time.

The best option for sending information out to your contacts is SMS texting. For businesses looking to push out quick, concise messages that add value to the recipient, mass texting technology makes it easy to keep your people safe, healthy, connected, and in-the-know about the things that matter.

Not all Business Texting is Spam

Business texting can be a positive thing! Here are just a few ways your business can use text messaging for good:

  1. Volunteer Opportunity Announcements. Do you put on events or administrate a charitable organization that is always in need of a helping hand? Mass texting delivers your message to people who are ready to help.
  2. Open Job Alerts to Job Seekers. Recruiters, temp agencies, and staffing companies can fill vacancies faster and bring joy to more people.
  3. Customer Anniversary Messages. Show your customers you genuinely care with a quick, personalized text message to help them celebrate the milestones of life.
  4. Patient Wellness Checks. Pre-scheduled, personalized texts let patients know that they’re not alone and that help is just a click away.
  5. Prayer Requests. Large congregations might have trouble reaching each member individually. Use mass texting to invite prayer requests and put minds and hearts at ease.
  6. Incoming Student Welcome Messages. The first days of school can be the most stressful. Welcome your incoming students with a friendly greeting that helps them transition into the school year.
  7. Weather Emergency Notifications. Notifying your community of incoming severe weather events can help save lives. Bad weather can hit seemingly out of nowhere, so knowing what to do and where to go is imperative. Be a port in the storm.

If you want to learn more about mass texting for business, we’d love to help. Sign up for a free trial today. No matter how many people you need to reach, Call-Em-All will have you set up in no time.