Today we are excited to announce what we call Transfer & Connect. This new broadcast feature allows your call recipients to be transferred directly to a number of your choosing - whether it be your cell phone, your desk, office or even a call center. Don't worry about your limited capacity to take calls, we can throttle your broadcast based on your available inbound lines to ensure you can handle the transferred calls.

We've found customers from all industries are applying this new feature with great use. For example, medical practices can now allow their patients to reschedule an upcoming visit by pressing 0 after receiving an appointment reminder call and they'll be transferred to the medical office. Another great use has been filling jobs by staffing agencies who are calling their associates and instantly filling positions rather than needing to wait for a call back as those associates are transferring to the staffing agency directly from the broadcast.

We'll be slowly rolling this feature out to users in the coming weeks, but if you have a need now, email customer support and let them know you'd like to begin using Transfer & Connect and we'll help you get started immediately.