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Sabrina White

As the Director of Customer Experience at Call-Em-All, Sabrina's main goal is to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with us. Sabrina leads a passionate team that strives for the highest levels of service.
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Next Gen Leaders: Small Giants Community Summit 2019

Since 2011, Call-Em-All's founders, Brad & Hai, have been active participants in the Small Giants community. To be a part of the community, a company needs to be privately owned, profitable, at least ten years old and selected based on factors including community involvement, commitment to staff, and industry excellence.

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National Immunization Awareness Month

It’s that time of the year again when parents must start preparing their children for going back to school. They have massive to-do lists and are rushing around trying to avoid the last-minute rush. Two items that parents frequently forget on their list is to have their children’s immunization records kept up to date, and to have physical examinations to allow sports participation.

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Revitalizing Student Communication through Texting

In the last six months, I have fielded more questions about text messaging than ever before. Institutions of all types (public, private, small, large – you name it) are taking the necessary steps to research texting as a viable communication option on their campus.  They are learning how to embrace texting rather than rejecting the notion that it may revitalize the way that we are able to communicate.  In answering these questions and addressing schools concerns, I have found some commonalities that I think you’ll find to be interesting.

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Technology and the Future of Higher Ed

The buzz about the future of Higher Ed has been circling for quite some time. As a (fairly) recent graduate, I’ve heard several discussions and forecasts of what college experiences will be like just a few short years from now which are both energizing and nerve-wracking. I recently stumbled across a Fast Co. Exist article, ‘5 Bold Predictions for the Future of Higher Education,’ that discusses their biggest and boldest predictions for the coming years. Unlike many of the articles that I’ve read, today’s problems confirm Brad Lukanic’s predictions for the future: students are changing and to be successful, Higher Ed will have to change with them.
Lukanic’s predictions stuck with me because they closely align with Call-Em-All’s. We all know that experiences on your campus dictate the success of how you are able to retain students each semester. These same experiences shared through word-of mouth, strategic marketing, and the use of social media are the driving factors that will attract students to your school. In number three on Lukanic’s list, he says that Student recruitment and retention will be more important than ever.

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