Call-Em-All was recently mentioned in Waste Advantage Magazine on the benefits of automated voice and text messaging for waste management companies.

The following is the article that appeared in the February issue of Waste Advantage:

In the everyday economic struggle to stay profitable, we are all looking at more streamlined, cost-effective ways to take care of tasks that in the past have been time intensive and costly. Informing your customers of past due reminders, shut off notices and route changes are some of the tasks that use up your employees valuable time and affects your bottom line profit. With automated voice or text messaging, your employees can focus on more important projects.

A Slower Method

In the past, calling people individually was tedious and time consuming. This was especially true if the call was an emergency. Using a manual “phone tree” process usually resulted in the message being skewed by the time everyone was contacted. As technology advanced, it seemed only natural to refine this old process. In-office equipment came along which did the auto dialing, but the calls had to be generated from the hardware and there had to be phone lines to support the calls going out. The next step was Web based automated calling.

Communicating in Seconds

Automated voice and text broadcast is an affordable, unique technology to get notifications to customers fast. Setting up a mass message broadcast is as easy as uploading a list of phone numbers and recording a voicemail message. With Web-based applications, sending out a message consists of three simple steps: 1) select the numbers you want called, 2) pick a time for the call to go out and 3) record your message over the phone. The message is then sent to all your phone numbers at once. For those customers that prefer getting their notifications by text, there are similar text messaging features. Your text message can by typed using your phone or over the Internet and any cell phone number that has opted in to your company’s unique keyword, gets the text message within seconds.

Automated voice and text messaging is beneficial to haulers in many situations. For example, traditionally, collection calls are an inefficient investment of time, unnecessarily consuming man-hours spent manually dialing clients to collect payments. With automated calling, this task is roughly a two-minute process. In addition, coordinating field personnel can be accomplished with voice or text in a matter of minutes. A single text broadcast can alert all drivers and other offsite employees with updates and last minute essentials. Using automated voice broadcasts to reach out to your customers also saves money on postage, employees’ time and making phone calls, allowing your company to be greener.

 An Indispensable Tool

Automated message broadcasting has become indispensable for many waste companies to take care of mundane tasks like:

• Calling past due accounts
• Holiday route change notifications
• Updating field personnel

Streamlining these repetitive call events is a great way to save time and money while allowing you to be greener.

Automated Messaging in Action

Allied Waste’s Claude Duran uses Call-Em-All to notify his customers for all major holiday route changes. He is seeing more of his customers requesting notification by a text message. Automated voice and text messaging has been a fast and cost-effective way of communication for Duran.  For any broadcast that is a recurring message, he is able to set up his calls and texts in advance using Call-Em-All’s convenient scheduler, saving even more time.

A large waste company in Pennsylvania has found using automated voice messaging a no brainer to contact their customers for paste due notices. Contacting thousands of customers in a month warranted searching for a different avenue of communication. Call-Em-All took care of getting these paste due notices out to their customers in minutes, for pennies a call. This waste company saw an immediate decrease in disconnects. Not only were they saving money on contacting their customers, but they were also saving on expenses involved in reconnects.

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