No surprise here, but we love our product and service so much that we even use it ourselves in the office! Some of our larger clients pay by invoice for 6 or 12 months at a time. If a payment isn’t received after 30 days, our accounting department sends out a Call-Em-All voice broadcast to those account holders with a friendly reminder to mail in their payment.

Just last month we sent out a voice broadcast to around 70 customers with unpaid invoices. Our phones began ringing within minutes as customers called in to communicate more about their unpaid balances. We re-sent some invoices via email, some clients called immediately and paid via credit card, and others let us know that they had just sent in a check. Regardless, we quickly got answers after creating and launching a broadcast in five simple steps.

Several Call-Em-All clients already use our services for collections calls. Rather than making the same monotonous calls to every customer one at a time reminding them of their payment, set up a Call-Em-All broadcast and call them all in minutes.

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