Call-Em-All is Telling Your Friends!

Not only can you tell your friends about an event or activity with Call-Em-All, but you can also actually tell them about Call-Em-All! Whether you think they have a similar need of wanting to get a message out to many people fast or just telling them how they could use Call-Em-All because you love it, everyone will be rewarded.  We have a great referral system where for everyone that signs up under your name you get free credits, and your friend will have more time and less stress.

Here’s How:

  • Click Want Free Credits on the homepage
  • Select Tell a Friend, Email a Friend,  or Link to Call-Em-All

You can also have your friend say they heard through you if one of these options does not work for you. So what are you waiting for? Go tell your friends!



We help staffing, religious, education, property management, healthcare and other organizations share important info with our automated messaging service.