Text messages are not only beneficial for individuals but also for businesses and government organizations. They’re a reliable and affordable mode of communication, especially when you consider mass messaging.

Because text messages are quick and the preferred method of contact among many individuals, mass messaging is the best option for reaching a large group of people during tough weather conditions such as hurricanes.

Bad Weather Is The Norm

One of the most common types of emergency notifications results from severe weather patterns. According to the Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast, the number of named storms and hurricanes are slightly above historical averages.

Perhaps you need to send a message out with short notice due to the inclement weather. You need to have access to a system that will spread the word quickly and effectively to your specific group. It’s great to have a text template for any possible weather scenario and the relevant message that might need to be sent to your community.

How Can I Use Mass Messaging?

You can use mass messaging service to send a message to a wide number of people at once. These include:

  • Schools and businesses can send unexpected closure notices to employees, customers, parents, and students.

  • Churches, educational institutions, and other organizations can send messages about changes in schedules or a cancellation of an event due to weather conditions.

  • Government organizations, airlines, and other businesses can send warning messages including travel advisories and evacuation routes.

  • Utilities can send service disruption warnings to subscribers.

Why Text Messaging Still Rules

Let’s have a look at some stats about the impact and power of text messages:

  • There are over 277 million adult texters in the US.

  • About 97% of people in the US with a smartphone text regularly sending over 26 billion text messages every day. This equals to 94 text messages per individual.

  • Americans spend about 55 minutes per day texting. In comparison, they spend only about 27 minutes emailing on their phones.

  • Texting appears to be more common among Millennials. They spend 3x more time texting than emailing or calling.

Hence, text messaging is the best way to get in touch with people in case of a weather emergency.