This week, The Dallas Morning News wrote a flattering article about Call-Em-All and how a local burger chain is using our text-messaging platform to send text coupons to its customers.

Scotty P's Hamburgers, a family owned and operated restaurant chain with seven locations, has been a staple in the Dallas community and its surrounding suburbs for the past 10 years. To reward its customers for their business, Scotty P’s sends text messages that contain exclusive deals.

To show The Dallas Morning News just how quick, easy, and effective his deals are, owner Scott Pontikes sent out texts at 10:30 a.m. to 64 customers who had designated one of the Scotty’s P’s locations as their restaurant of choice.

The first customer arrived at 11:15 a.m. with his text message on his phone in hand – followed shortly thereafter by 11 more text-toting customers with at least one other person in tow. The payoff – an extra $200 in sales.

Check out the full story from Sunday’s edition of The Dallas Morning News, here.