We've been helping religious groups since we opened our doors 13 years ago. We're proud to help thousands of churches communicate important messages to their members every day. Our integration with church management software Fellowship One has been in place for a long time but it's been awhile since we updated any features. Today, we're happy to announce we have updated our integration with Fellowship One in order to allow our customers to access "people lists" within the software.

Before today, our integration only allowed Fellowship One users to import Groups. Groups are a collection of individuals that have come together (or been placed together) for a common goal or interest. Groups are created in Fellowship One and are managed through InFellowship where group leaders and members alike can see the group and its members.

With today's update, Fellowship One users will be able to import People Lists. People Lists are typically a generic list or private group that you keep for your own benefit (think of an email address book that is static and is updated manually). Through people lists you can add/delete members, communicate with those on your list via email, and share your lists with others; however, people lists are not public or managed through InFellowship.