Yesterday, our service was down for a portion of the day.  As customers, you know that this is an extremely unusual occurrence.  I’d like to use this opportunity to talk about the cause of the problem and the improvements we’re making as a result.


The outage was related to a power failure at the data center where our equipment is hosted.  Although the data center has several backup power options available, yesterdays’ specific problem prevented all of them from being utilized.  With that said, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best service possible and this incident has helped us identify some improvements we can make right now and moving forward.  In fact, our team is currently working with our data center to provide even more power redundancy to our infrastructure.


We know that you are counting on Call-Em-All to be there when you need us.  If we let you down yesterday, please accept my apologies and know that I take this very personally.  We appreciate your business, and we look forward to a long partnership with each of you in the future.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at 877.226.3080.


On behalf of the Call-Em-All Team,

Brad Herrmann

Founder & President