New customers are always hearing about us by word-of-mouth and referrals, however (light bulb moment), it is easier to show & tell everyone why Call-Em-All is the automated messaging solution of choice. So, Call-Em-All invites you to enter our video testimonial contest!  It's easy, just grab a camera, a FlipVideo, an iPhone, or webcam to shoot a video! Share your experience with Call-Em-All and how it helped you, your business, or organization and the winner gets a FREE iPad ($499 value) and 10,000 credits ($700 value)!  Plus, you'll have a chance to win many other giveaways!

Here's what you will need to do...
Call-em-all bullet Create a video describing how you use Call-Em-All
Call-em-all bullet Submit your video testimonial either via Email, YouTube, or Facebook
Call-em-all bullet Include your UserId or account email address in your submission to contest [at] call-em-all.com
Call-em-all bullet BONUS - put the video on your website or your blog

How to impress the judges...
Be creative. Have fun. You don't have to be Steven Spielberg, just start recording, and let us know your reasons for using Call-Em-All.

By submitting a video testimonial, you receive 500 credits ($45 value)! The best video testimonial submission will receive a FREE iPad and 10,000 credits ($1199 value)! Other prizes include Best Buy Gift Cards and free credits for videos that make us laugh, cry, or for videos that make us "oooh and awww"!

The deadline is July 30th, 2010. Arrangements to mail the iPad and gift cards will be made at this time. 500 credits will be applied the same day as the video submission.

The Call-Em-All Team