Each year during the fall we take time to appreciate the millions of hard working Americans categorized as temporary employees. This year's National Staffing Employee Week is September 18th to September 24th. Here at Call-Em-All we would like to show our appreciation.. so here is fun with numbers; staffing edition.

(courtesy of the American Staffing Association)

The average duration of a temporary job is 3 months.

15 million employees are classified as temporary or on contract.

35% are offered full-time jobs after their contract is up.

40% temp because they can not find full-time employment 

9 out of 10 say staffing work made them more employable

76% work full-time at their temporary jobs compared to 82% of the rest of the workforce. 

16% say that the income is to supplement their household income

The average wage is $17.

Lastly 9 out of 10 say they are satisfied with their staffing company.

For the duration of this holiday week, Call-Em-All challenges you to show your appreciation to all the hardworking Temporary workers. To our staffing clients, thank you for your continued support and Happy National Staffing Employee Week! 

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