Automated text messaging (SMS messaging) has quickly become one of the most popular ways for businesses and organizations to get their message out. Sending out mass texts quickly communicates important or desirable information in a direct way to the people on your list. Knowing you’re sending mass texts directly to the people who actually want to hear it means no more worrying about damaging your brand with unsolicited messaging.

Are you wondering, though, if your particular organization is an appropriate fit for automated messaging? The answer is most likely a resounding yes. Because mass messaging is so versatile and direct, a multitude of industries can take advantage of it to help get their message out. It can be used to communicate almost anything relevant to its recipients.

Better yet, customers are much more responsive to texts compared to automated phone calls or emails. Since we live in a smartphone world, most of us are well versed in using our phones throughout the majority of the day for communication via text, social media, and other platforms. It’s only natural we would choose to receive texts from our favorite businesses and organizations as well. While we still may check our emails and voicemails, we are much more likely to respond quicker to a text message that pops up immediately on our phones.

Uses for automated messaging vary somewhat depending on the industry, but the desired result is all very much the same: increased customer awareness and a growing customer base.

Entertainment Industry

While consumers are always looking for the next fun thing to do, the entertainment industry can take advantage of mass texting by sending out announcements of new shows, concerts, movies, attractions, etc.

Financial Institutions

It seems most of us are trying our best to get the lowest interest rate possible before the dreaded skyrocketing rates occur. Or, we’re always on the lookout for better investments of our money. Those of us who have chosen to receive correspondence from financial institutions are probably the same type of people who would be most interested in reading about new financial offers we can take advantage of.

Beauty Industry

The beauty and personal care industry is hugely profitable and constantly changing. Most beauty minded individuals are always on the lookout for products that are new and improved. In the beauty industry, mass texting is perfect for sending updates on new products as well as reminders about upcoming events.


Retail businesses are constantly changing things up, promoting events in-store, and receiving new inventory. Keeping customers interested and informed means the need for a robust messaging campaign.


The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from the use of mass messaging due to the complexity of the industry as a whole. It seems that insurance options, regulations, and practices are constantly changing and your audience need to be updated. Being able to quickly and directly inform recipients of important information or remind them about their appointments would be very beneficial.


Restaurants and similar food and beverage establishments may find mass text messaging particularly useful for communicating special dishes and events. For consumers who are already out and about, learning that a restaurant is featuring a certain dish or having a special event that’s too good to pass up, may be just what they needed to convince them to stop by your establishment.

Job Sites

Job recruitment companies are constantly in need of conveying information in real time to its applicants; new jobs pop up and disappear on a daily basis. Recipients who can get up-to-date texts on the status of jobs available in a particular field would benefit greatly from a job recruitment company that engages in mass texting.

For almost every industry, mass text messaging can benefit a company’s bottom line. It is four times as successful as email campaigns and much more convenient than automated calls. Mass automated messaging is the most direct and timely way to convey information, keeping the recipients more up to date on your business’s product or service than any other medium.

In an age where smartphones are king, communication via text messaging is a natural response to an ever evolving world of technology-based communication. Whether it’s updating clients on new services, promoting events, informing your audience of changes or reminding them about appointments, automated text messaging is an incredibly effective option to accomplish that task.