Automated texting and calling services are a hit not only among businesses but government organizations as well. Mobile campaigns are effective in reaching a large part of the community, making it a suitable choice for government organizations.

Let’s get to know more about how the service can be helpful for governments.

What is Automated Calling?

Automated calling is a telephone outbound system that can place phone calls on your behalf so you can deliver the message to a large number of people. You can import numbers in bulk and the system will deliver the voice message. If a person does not answer the call live, we will leave the message on their answering machine.

What is Automated Texting?

Automated text messages work quite like automatic calls. You can type and schedule messages to be sent automatically to a list of recipients.

The system can send thousands of messages to different numbers that can be fed into the system through spreadsheets or databases. Our texting service gives you the ability to text individuals, small groups, or start mass texting right from your computer. Setup takes just a few minutes. 

What Kind of Government Organizations Can Use Automated Texting and Calling Services?

Automated texting and calling services are ideal for all kinds of government entities including cities, counties, towns, villages, and townships. All in all, it is suitable for all governmental organizations that intend to send mass text messages to a wide audience.

You may choose to use any of the two options (calling or messages), as they both have their own benefits.

What do Governments Use These Services For?

Governments can use automated texting and calling services to:

  • Inform residents about closed bridges and roads. Messages can also include detour details.

  • Provide details about upcoming community events including dates and ticket information.

  • Keep staff informed about internal issues including equipment malfunctioning, downtime, etc.

  • Send weather warnings including hurricane and storm warnings.

  • Update schedules and inform citizens about changes in events due to weather conditions and other such causes.

  • Send out messages about natural disasters and any other emergency situation.

  • Coordinate between different departments and reduce wastage.

  • Update citizens about policy changes.

On the whole, the service can be used to inform a group of people about any emergency or upcoming event. Find out more about how it can be helpful for your needs by signing up today. 

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