Regardless of what industry your business is in, text messaging can be the solution for your communication needs. This valuable tool is being used all around the world by various organizations, including non-profits!

You only need to know how to utilize the booming technology. Let’s get to know more about mass texting systems and how they can benefit your nonprofit organization.

What Is a Mass Texting System?

It’s a system that allows you to send a text message to a large audience. You can upload a list of all your donors, attendees, volunteers, staff members or followers and directly send them a message all at once.

By eliminating the tedious process of individually forwarding text messages, time and money can be saved because you won't need to hire a person to do this job.

The automated system works on its own and can even handle two-way communications if your recipients respond to your message. All you need to do is set up a text broadcast and choose a date and time to send. 


The system can be used to make last-minute announcements, send emergency notifications, update staff members about the latest happenings, and even manage events. The opportunities are endless!

An Example of How a Mass Texting System Makes Life Easier

Let’s say you run an NGO and need to inform donors about an event to be held next week. There are about 1,000 people on your list. Sending a message to all of them individually can be a lot of work and the likelihood of errors arising is high.

An easier way to send the event notification is to use a mass messaging service. The user creates a contact list with all the phone numbers and uploads it to the system. They then create and personalize the message and set up a specific time for it to be sent to all the recipients at once.

Plus, you can use this messaging tool to 1-on-1 communicate with the recipients. For example, you can ask the recipient to respond with a “Y” if they intend to attend the event. The responses can help you calculate how many people will attend the event so that you can plan accordingly. Plus, you can even configure the system to send an automatic text reminder to the attendees a day before the event.

Since everything will be done automatically, there will be no burden on your shoulders.

What Kind of Non-Profit Organizations Can Use a Mass Texting System?

There’s no limit. It’s a good option for any business that deals with a large number of people and want to send out a mass message. We have worked with several non-profit organizations, such as The Red Cross and The BBB. 

If you want to find out more about how a text messaging system can help your organization, set up an account and try out our services.

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