Hurricane Harvey is turning into a catastrophic rainfall and flood threat. It will likely turn into the nation's first Category 3 landfall in almost 12 years as it makes landfall over the Texas Gulf Coast. Dangerous flooding from the storm-surge and strong winds could leave parts of the area uninhabitable for extended periods of time. At Call-Em-All we take pride in being able to provide a valuable service that helps so many people communicate during an emergency.

Other related hurricane news:
Emergency Management Notifications

This is the most common reason organizations use Call-Em-All during a natural disaster. Businesses, local governments, senior living facilities, schools all need to communicate urgently with a large group of people and they can't afford delayed messaging. It's that last part that is really critical and where Call-Em-All really shows it's value. Imagine using a service that queues up messages to be delivered slowly over time... that simply wouldn't work in an emergency situation when timing could be the difference between life and death. Call-Em-All gets your messages out quickly, with a voice broadcast, mass text message, or combo message where you send both voice and text.

Emergency Staff & First Responders

With so much focus on the actual storm and getting people out of harms way, we often forget about the first responders and emergency staff running to the front lines. Organizing volunteers and emergency staff to help with evacuating residents, providing medical attention, and post storm recovery services is a huge effort. Many of our staffing customers are already trying to fill requests for hundreds of nurses and emergency staff.

Business closures

This storm will certainly result in business closures and an automated messaging service is a great way to tell staff and customers how you plan to handle the emergency. Here are some message examples.

"We'll be closed Friday 8/25 to allow our families adequate time to prepare for the storm. Stay safe!"

"We are closely monitoring the storm. Tomorrow, Friday, and Monday the hospital remains open for business. Thank you."

Service Interruptions

Scheduled services will experience interruptions and customers need to be notified. For example, trash pickups often occur on the same day each week but a storm like Hurricane Harvey will require trash companies to notify customers of a service disruption and what alternate plans exist. Keeping customers informed, keeps them happy and gives you a chance to show thoughtfulness and concern for their well being.