Below are the highlights of our latest effort to make Call-Em-All even faster and easier for you.  These improvements are based upon your feedback, so keep it coming!  When you log in to Call-Em-All, the Feedback tab on the right side of your browser is the perfect place to share your ideas.  Thanks for using Call-Em-All!

February 2011 Release includes:

  • An overhauled Broadcast Details page that allow the user to:
    • Edit a created broadcast:  change the broadcast name, caller ID, and start date.
    • Add and remove a phone number(s) from a broadcast.
    • Pause a broadcast that is currently broadcasting.
    • View text replies from the new "Broadcast Replies" tab
    • Search call list(s) by phone number or name
  • Enhancements to creating a broadcast online that:
    • An estimated duration of how long the broadcast will take to complete.
    • Makes the start date/time selection step more user friendly.
  • A page on to the website that addresses our API offering -