I have been tasked with the job of introducing myself to all Call-Em-All call service customers. You would think talking about myself wouldn't be hard because we all love talking about ourselves, right?! WRONG! I dread the idea of blabbering on about myself in a long blog. Hey bear with me, I promise to throw in some jokes and Taylor Swift lyrics to keep you entertained.

My name is Jackie Mwesigwa, it is pronounced moo-wee-sii-goo-waa). It's OK if you still feel awkward saying it, I am sure the person next to you reading this is feeling the same way. I am the new marketing intern at Call-Em-All. It is my third day here and I already feel at home (No! That is definitely not a statement I threw in to brown nose my bosses into offering me a job after I graduate). I am sure by now you have picked up on my sense of humor. I am very sarcastic.

All kidding aside, here are three things that you should know about me.

  1. I am a big Alabama fan. ROLLTIDE!
    Am I a bandwagon fan? YES! Come on, give me a break, who isn't. They have won a majority of their games and Nick Saban is the G.O.A.T. I do not know what is going to happen this season, but if I was a betting woman, I would put my entire savings of a whopping dollar on the crimson tide.

  2. My love for fruit snacks is unmatched (hmm...challenge accepted)
    Most likely than not, I have three packs or so of fruit snacks in my purse. The amount of fruit snacks in Call-Em-All's fully stocked kitchen was definitely one of the selling points for me to work here. To all my Call-Em-All colleagues, feel free to gift me fruit snacks as a welcome present.

  3. I speak four languages
    English is not the first language I learned growing up. First I learned Lusoga and Luganda (Tribal languages in Uganda) then English and lastly Swahili. Do I mention this fact every chance I get? YES! because it is impressive *Toot Toot*. I took up learning French, so that number will be at five soon.
During the course of this internship, I hope to learn more about creating and measuring/tracking metrics of marketing campaigns. Call-Em-All's manifesto explains exactly what the company as a whole is about. The reason I chose to work at Call-Em-All is that they give you the opportunity to try new things when it comes to marketing. It is not this stiff "do it the way we have always done it" mentality. I am really glad Call-Em-All gave me this opportunity to intern and learn about an industry that I never knew existed.

Make sure to look out for more blogs and content I will be creating for Call-Em-All. (I can feel the enthusiasm already!)

Ooh I almost forgot, I promised you some Taylor Swift lyrics...so here is my favorite "Shake it off. "