Are you prepared for the most important mission of your life? It will require the physical prowess of a gladiator and determination that even "Puss in Boots" would yearn for. Still in? Great let's get started!

Mission Briefing

Accepting the Mission

There are three tasks to complete the primary mission objectives

Mission Resources

Your competition is going to be using the best tools available, so you should too! Fitocracy is where you need to start. Make sure all your mission activities are logged. If you get into a situation where your competition is right on your heels, be sure to keep track of your quick footed getaway with RunKeeper. Every mile matters. Best part, RunKeeper will help you make sure that your workout fog doesn't keep you from entering your mileage as it imports directly into Fitocracy.

Mission Recon

Just a heads up, Call-Em-All is doing this as an effort to not only get fit but to also help out the local charity Frisco Family Services. We've assigned goals as a company to meet which will trigger monetary donations to Frisco Family Services. That alone is sure to cause us to work harder. You'll need to make sure that you don't slack to keep up. Be sure to keep track of all our progress on the Fitocracy Leaderboard. Us this data to help you stay motivated and get ahead of your competition. Good luck! And have fun!!!