Missouri has chosen to amend their current 'No-Call-List' law. This law adds provisions that now specifically add language regarding unsolicited telemarketing (robocalls) as well as text messages. The hot topic of telemarketing calls and spam SMS has also recently been addressed by the FCC to align with the FTC ruling on unsolicited telemarketing calls.

Not surprising to many is the exclusion of political calls from the new bill, which some constituents categorize as a "nuisance."  The lines have officially been pushed with the recent timeshare sales pitch disguised as a political survey and the reports of voter suppression in the Wisconsin recall election.

The semantics of political calls aside, some may read this and wonder how Call-Em-All automated calling service can be used. The reality is, the vast majority of Call-Em-All broadcasts are not sales calls. Most calls are sent for notifications to sports teams, churches, and schools. We can only speak to how we, Call-Em-All, choose to fit into the automated messaging industry, and we choose to follow the strict interpretation of the FCC & FTC and do not allow any "unsolicited telemarketing calls". All calls that can be categorized as "sales" (an attempt to induce the purchase of goods or services), must have the express written permissions of each call recipient and also must contain a "Sales Intro Message" with opt-out instructions.

We continue to fight spam messages through our always improving spam prevention methods. Through these methods we've found some pretty crazy messages from those wishing to send unsolicited calls.

Unfortunately, our policies don't allow us to share them with you, but feel free to share with us some of the worst telemarketing calls you've gotten.

This post's comments will be known as the "Wall of Telemarketing Shame."