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Jonathan Melton by Jonathan Melton

If you're an Erecruit Adapt user needing a true mass texting solution, then look no further than the brand new Call-Em-All - Adapt integration!

Call-Em-All has a long history with Adapt dating back to before they were part of the Erecruit family, so we’re thrilled to see all of our new features, from true mass texting to text conversations and MMS messaging, becoming an integral piece of our Adapt relationship.

The best part?

Adapt has employed Call-Em-All’s preferred integration model that lets Call-Em-All do what it does best, building out the single most complete mass communications system in the staffing industry, and having that experience be immediately available to Adapt’s clients.

This means that as Call-Em-All continues its track record of building all the texting features that modern staffing teams need, Adapt is free to provide the best applicant tracking experience possible. Both of our teams can do what they do best, letting you reap all the benefits.

Here’s how simple the integration is to use: inside Adapt, you can pull up a list of candidates you want to message. Click the ‘Send Text’ or ‘Send Broadcast’ button, type out your text or record your voice message, and it’s sent to as many phone numbers as you’d like. If there’s just one candidate you’d like to send a message to, this can be done right within the candidate’s record.

Did someone reply to your text message? Call-Em-All will log that for you right inside Adapt, so you can fill jobs faster while completely staying inside the Adapt system.

Call-Em-All has been helping organizations deliver mass messages for more than 13 years. If you want simple, affordable, and effective, then reach out to Adapt or Call-Em-All today to learn more!

About Call-Em-All

Call-Em-All's mass texting service, voice broadcasting, and text conversations help organizations deliver important messages quickly and maintain better engagement with contacts.

Since 2005, we've delivered more than 1.2 billion voice calls and text messages for companies in healthcare, education, staffing & human resources, property management, utility, non-profits, and religious groups.

We're different because of our culture. We believe it's our biggest competitive advantage. We're passionate about creating positive experiences for our customers, and ensuring that our platform isn't being used to spam marketing or political messages.

fill-headshot-lightblue Jonathan Melton fill-headshot-dots About Jonathan Melton
Jonathan Melton is a member of the Account Management team at Call-Em-All, an automated calling and group texting company that provides solutions for small and medium sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, and individuals. Jonathan’s responsibility since joining the team in 2015 has been the education and on-boarding of new users. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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