We're excited to announce another brand new integration for Call-Em-All customers in the staffing industry. For the first time, Bullhorn users can now seamlessly use Call-Em-All to fill their jobs faster than ever before with true mass texting, text conversations and automated calling services.

Users can create a list of candidates, or contacts, in Bullhorn that you want to reach out to and save that search. Next, simply log into your Call-Em-All account and create a new broadcast. When we ask who they want to contact, all of your Bullhorn saved lists will populate, removing the hassle of exporting and uploading files manually.

Call-Em-All Bullhorn Integration


Once a broadcast is completed, we return the detailed results for each of the individuals contacted and create a note in Bullhorn. A complete history of the communication is stored including which recruiter contacted the candidate, what was said, what the candidate responded with, and so on.

Should any candidates respond with a text conversation, as always, Call-Em-All presents these to you so your team can log in and engage those willing to accept your latest position.

This is our first step towards a unified Call-Em-All and Bullhorn experience. We can’t wait for our shared users to start saving time filling jobs and notifying candidates with more ease than ever before.

Contact Call-Em-All or Bullhorn to learn more. Call-Em-All helps organizations delivery important messages quickly through their mass texting service, automated calling system, and text conversations.