Hey, are you a recruiter who wants to make your job easier? Look no further than the brand new Call-Em-All and Erecruit integration! The integration brings Erecruit, a company dedicated to helping staffing agencies of all shapes and sizes track applicants better, and Call-Em-All, the only messaging service who covers both true mass and conversational texting, as well as voice broadcasting, under one roof.

With the introduction of this exciting opportunity, users can continue to utilize Call-Em-All to send mass text and voice broadcasts, as well as engage candidates with text conversations.

The value of the integration comes from Call-Em-All’s ability to make notes for the user directly into the candidate’s Erecruit profile.

No longer will users have to track their broadcasts and conversations manually; the system will take care of this automatically once the integration is connected.

As Call-Em-All continues to introduce updates and new features to its services, like MMS messaging, text templates, and text personalization, Erecruit users get access to them immediately.

This integration sets the foundation for true mass messaging and comprehensive 2-way text conversations being directly available to Erecruit users, all seamlessly tracked so users can spend their time filling the next job and not manually tracking every step they take to do it for the first time.

Call-Em-All has been helping organizations deliver messages for more than 13 years. If you want simple, affordable, and effective, then visit our website to try out our services for free.