For more than a year we've been re-designing the Call-Em-All account interface. New customers have been getting the content for awhile, but we've been working on slowly releasing the content to existing users in order to ease the transition. This month, we're moving almost everyone over to the new content - as well as delivering some exciting product improvements.

User Interface

These design changes impact the visual style of the user interface. We've updated almost every section of the app with a new look, usability & performance improvements. In some cases this also allowed us to introduce new texting features.

Navigate the Home ScreenNavigating the Home Screen


We listened to our customers and they overwhelmingly stated they wanted notifications for unread replies to text broadcasts. Now they can customize how and when they would like to receive notifications for unread messages on any of your text numbers.

Managing Unread Reply NotificationsManaging Unread Reply Notifications

More Text Characters 

Standard text messages are 160 characters. However many of our customers wanted the ability to send larger messages. Now, customers will be able to send messages up to 320 characters. The message will be broken into two messages and will be billed as 2 messages for customers on the credits plan. Monthly customers get unlimited messaging, and that will remain in place.

As always, if you have questions about our service please contact us online or at 877-226-3080 for more info.