Did you know that Call-Em-All has been blogging for over 10 years now?! Topics have included everything from product updates and enhancements to emergency weather preparation, etc. And while we have enjoyed discussing these essential subjects, we want to put a fresh new spin on our blog theme ...one that aligns better with our company culture. After all, our purpose is to positively impact those around us and what better way to display this than to make our content more positive!

It’s no secret that negative news dominates headlines. However, we want to be the change. Moving forward our content will begin transitioning to align more with our #positiveimpact campaign. What can you expect? You will begin to notice more thought leadership content and culture-focused blogs, such as community outreach, inspiring ways customers use our service, and collaborations, in addition to informational posts about our product and services.

If you have any stories on how our product has impacted your company or customers lives, we would love to hear them!