Postmortem for Sprint Outage

Brad Herrmann by Brad Herrmann

This afternoon we received word that our access had been restored and all breathed a sigh of relief. The last four days have been full of ups and downs as we have been working to restore our access to the Sprint SMS network.  As of 5:00pm Central time today, ALL service is fully restored and our text message broadcasting service is fully operational. This post will provide you with an overview of the outage and what is being done moving forward.

What Happened

As noted in out post about the Sprint outage, Sprint had singled us out as being a "repeat offender" for, what they saw as, breaking the CTIA's industry rules for short codes. Because of this, our text message service provider had to immediately block our ability to receive and send SMS messages to the Sprint network. As a result, any messages sent to or from our short code were not delivered.

Affected Messages & Remedy

Many of our customers have sent text messages to their group since our short code was suspended. We are working to correct the reporting of these attempts in our broadcast detail reports to reflect their undeliverable status. If you choose, you will be able to reattempt these messages. Also, a few of our pay-as-you-go customers had credits deducted from their account when they attempted to send messages to Sprint. Those customers will see a credit in their Credit Balance Report, as we don't want our clients to be charged for service that was not properly delivered.

What We Learned

Over the past several days, we've spent many hours with industry leaders and attorneys in an effort to understand how to address our short-code suspension and prevent it in the future. Without a doubt, the SMS industry and carriers have done a great deal over the past 5 years to prevent SPAM and create a uniform set of rules.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. Many of the current rules are not enforced, inconsistent, or not well thought out. We’ll be posting more on this subject in the near future. In the meantime, you can expect Call-Em-All to push harder than ever to make sure that all of our clients – no matter how small – are fully compliant with CTIA’s SMS handbook.

How You Can Help

Help Desk: Compliance when promoting your keyword

In the above help desk article, we have provided a template for what is needed to be displayed when promoting your keyword on your website, signage or printed material. If you have any questions regarding what is needed when promoting your keyword please feel free to contact account support. Correctly promoting your keyword is important to maintaining our overall compliance with the mobile phone carriers.

We know that any type of service outage is inconvenient to our clients, and unacceptable for those of us at Call-Em-All. We promise to work diligently to maintain good standing with all SMS carriers to prevent future outages. We will also be pushing the industry to continue to improve their rules and their enforcement, so that responsible group texting companies and their clients are not unfairly penalized.  Thank you for your patience and continued use of Call-Em-All.

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