Shared Short Codes: The Problem & Solution

Megan Reninger by Megan Reninger

As part of AT&T’s new policies and code of conduct, no new short code programs will be activated or approved. The company also announced that all existing shared short codes will be terminated at a future date to be determined. Although the timeline is not yet clear when this will occur, AT&T has specified it would give “appropriate advanced notice” for these changes.

The company's decision was presumably motivated to improve SMS reliability and make better options available in 2019. The likelihood of other mobile carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) following a similar path is very high.


During the last two years, we launched a new texting platform that leverages business text messaging from local and toll-free numbers instead of our older shared short code of 292929.  The new platform features many product improvements and a better user interface. Today, 96% of our active customers are already enjoying tremendous value from using the new platform. As a result of AT&T’s decision, we have decided to end support for our old platform.

Moving forward, all new accounts created and customers that are currently using a shared short code will be assigned a Toll-Free Number. Customers can also contact us to text enable their local, landline numbers or toll-free numbers they own.


  • High delivery rates and fast, reliable sending
  • Contacts no longer need to opt-in to receive messages
  • When someone gives you their phone number, you’ll be able to add them in your account and immediately begin to send them text messages from day one
  • Engage in 2-way Text Conversations
  • If someone responds to you, you'll be able to see the response and easily reply to them, turning a mass text broadcast sent to many people to a 2-way conversation with one contact right in your account
  • We make it easier to text
  • When you upload a list of contacts, Call-Em-All will now be able to tell which    phone numbers are cell phones and which are landlines. We'll let you text the cell phones and have you record a voice message for the landlines. This way you'll know you're appropriately reaching 100% of your contacts.
  • Your contacts can still join your texting groups.
  • Your contacts can put themselves in your contacts list by texting ‘join’ to your toll- free 800 number.
  • Feature enhancements: the ability to personalize messages with custom fields   like {firstname} or {appointment date}, the Message Library now supports text   templates, and automated opt-outs to keep your contacts from getting unwanted messages!
  • A TFN legitimizes your business and adds credibility to your text or voice message


  • Call-Em-All is watching and preparing for more industry changes
  • We will continue to adopt to the latest technology available
  • Mass texting will start using long codes instead of toll-free numbers
  • RCS Messaging and the inclusion of exciting new features


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