Skipping and repeating used to be one of our more common support issues. This was a problem that customers experienced on our platform in the past. This recent feedback is a good example of what we used to hear from customers.

"We have had frequent problems with the message starting midway through, or having too long a pause before the message starts which causes people to hang up before hearing the message, or having repetitions/stuttering. I haven't heard complaints lately so perhaps the system has improved."

The last line of that feedback is what I want to talk about today. We want to share what we've done to address this problem for our customers.


One of the great features about automated calling is its ability to deliver a message to a live person or a voice mail. To ensure the call will be recognized correctly, as a live answer or a voice mail, certain fail-safe functions were put into place to make this feature dependable.

  • Greeting the Recording - It is necessary to greet the call so that the system knows that it has reached a valid number. Not greeting the call will cause the message to be delayed at the beginning.
  • Skipping and Repeating – This will happen if the system is not sure as to whether it reached a live person or a voice mail. This will commonly happen if the call is answered with excessive background noise. If the repeating occurs it will happen twice before prompting you to press 1 to determine a live person has been reached.

Here are 3 more features everyone needs to know about.


We made several improvements to our platform over the past few months to help ensure message recipients are experiencing better call results. We're happy to say that these changes have dramatically reduced the problem of skipping and repeating.

The enhanced platform is no longer waiting for a greeting to play the message, we'll simply begin playing the message as soon as the line is connected.

This allows us to begin playing the message immediately for those that answer the call live. Also, if the call goes to voicemail, the system is now designed to hear the tone/beep. Once that sound is acknowledged, we'll begin playing the message without stopping.

Group Texting from Call-Em-All

Needless to say, we value customer feedback - so keep it coming! We're always making improvements and wanted to share this one with you.