This weekend, over 11 feet of snow fell around the Northeast portion of the United States. While this was a record setting weekend for snow in October, it wasn’t our first broadcast about the weather! Our first snow-induced broadcast was on October 5th around the Salt Lake area by a trucking company. With a 100% success rate, all of their contacts were notified that a snow storm was coming and to take caution on the roads! The company reminds its members about monthly meetings and emergencies with Call-Em-All, and they thought sending out a voice broadcast about a last minute snowfall was perfect!  Not only do service companies use us for snowstorms, but schools, colleges, staffing companies, clubs, religious groups, and even sporting events do as well!

As reported on FOX in Philadelphia, over 20,000 people are still without power. Central Park even closed down for safety reasons! Power crews as far away as California are now headed to Connecticut to help restore electricity. Whether a small storm as on October 5th or a huge one as this past weekend, remember Call-Em-All in times of need!

Remember that you can broadcast over the phone, even if your internet is down. Call 866-623-7525, record your message, and your broadcast will go out immediately.