Today is a big day of releases for Call-Em-All. We've rebranded our suite of sites and even launched a few new ones (more on those later). While we love the new look and enhancements, we had a 3rd goal that was even more important to us. We wanted our brand to better reflect the people and culture of Call-Em-All. You see, we believe that we’re different and that our culture is what sets us apart. Our culture drives us to make sure our service is beautifully easy, and the same culture makes us easy to work with. Basically, we want our clients to know that we’re real people who care passionately about making their lives easier.

It might be easy to pick up on our culture by speaking with us in person or on the phone, but conveying it on an attractive and technologically advanced website turned out to be quite the challenge. In fact, the version you see today is actually our 2nd full design. Even though we’re launching today, we've already seen both success and failure with this project.

Take One – Not Up to Par

The first challenge for our engineering team was to build the new website with a responsive design. Responsive websites allow users to view the content on any size screen (smartphone, iPad, 24” monitor) and will automatically adjust to the screen size. If you’re on a tablet or mobile device you’ll already see it. Try it now with your browser – just resize the window and watch the content magically rearrange to the available space. Cool, huh?

Our engineers did a fantastic job building a responsive website, but we really missed the mark with some of our other goals. The website graphics and branding were lacking, and we were really struggling with how to make a personal and cultural connection. We have high goals for ourselves at Call-Em-All, and “not up to par” on a project this important essentially means failure. We didn’t know it yet, but we were about to start on a path to detail what made us who we were.

The Transition: A Fortunate Meeting

While at Inc Magazine’s GrowCo conference, Hai Nguyen and I happened to meet Sunny and Ashleigh from Motto. Hai felt that Sunny and Ashleigh really understood what it meant to build a website that reflected your company’s purpose and culture. A month later, we reached out to Motto to see if they’d be interested in helping us. What happened next was a month of incredibly exciting and energizing work for our entire company.

Sunny and Ashleigh first helped us really define our culture. We knew we had something special, but we hadn't really sat down to define and document what it really was and what it really meant. Sunny is writing an article about our experience working together, and I don’t want to steal her thunder. What resulted was an amazing living document we call our Manifesto. We now refer to it for anything from guiding daily decisions to recruiting (and filtering) new employees. If we had stopped working with Motto at defining our purpose and values, the project would have been deemed a great success...but we didn't.

Take Two – Success!

Our new values statement provided the focus and vision necessary to accomplish all of our goals for the new brand. Unfortunately, that meant a couple more months of design and development. With Motto leading the way, we were able to put a fresh and colorful new look on top of our responsive site. Then, the values statement led directly into the content that had eluded us. The result of all the hard work has culminated in today’s release of five sites.

Main Site (
Our brand really pops on this site. We focused on making sure whether you are a current customer or someone looking for a voice broadcasting / text messaging product, you know who we are and what we have to offer above and beyond just our service.

Support (
We couldn't be more excited about this new site. Helping our customers is really important to us and with the new support site, your questions can be answered with just a quick search. If it isn't there, our customer support team is just as ready as before. It is just one more feature added to our phone support, 24/7 email support and live chat.

Blog (
We cleaned up our blog so you can now easily read, comment and engage with us on any device. Since you are reading this now on our newly designed blog. Hit us up on the comments with what you think about our releases today.

Preview (
This is a big day for us, but we have some more things baking in the oven. We want to give those who love being early adopters the ability to get in on early releases of new features and product offerings. Head on over there now to sign up to be the first to know about our upcoming mobile app and other features.

Dev (
We’ve completely overhauled our API site to make it easier for those needing general information about our API and for developers who need help consuming the API. We’ve implemented a simple and easy function search and provided easy to read code examples.

We hope you like it all, and that it inspires you to want to work or continue working with us. We know you have something important to say – and we want to make it easy for you to say it!