Text Today, Gone Tomorrow

Brad Herrmann by Brad Herrmann

Next week we'll be at Executive Forum 2017 in San Diego. This is a staffing industry event that brings together the top executives to discuss how leadership will define the future success of their businesses.

If you are attending Executive Forum, we invite you to attend our Ideas in Action session.

Text Today, Gone Tomorrow
Feb 14th at 4:15pm
America's Cup Ballroom D

Here is a description of the session.

Staffing firms are clamoring for text messaging solutions, and business text usage is ramping up rapidly as legal and technical hurdles disappear. Yet, today’s solutions are far from optimal and there is a behind-the-scenes battle for the future of messaging. In this session, we’ll discuss text messaging in its current state and technologies like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that are gunning to be the go-to business communication solution of the future. You’ll leave this session with a firm understanding of your current less-than-perfect texting options and an awareness of the changes that lay ahead.


For us, staffing is one of our biggest industries and one that we've been part of since we started Call-Em-All 11 years ago. During that time we've helped more than 1,700 staffing firms deliver hundreds of millions of voice and text broadcasts for job fills, time sheet reminders, database cleanup, confirming availability and even payment reminders.

The bottom line is we are experts at helping staffing firms reach their associates in mass, quickly and with minimal cost.

This document highlights why we're the #1 automated messaging solution for staffing firms.

Automated Calls & Text Messages for Staffing Firms

About Call-Em-All

Call-Em-All's mass texting service, voice broadcasting, and text conversations help organizations deliver important messages quickly and maintain better engagement with contacts.

Since 2005, we've delivered more than 1.2 billion voice calls and text messages for companies in healthcare, education, staffing & human resources, property management, utility, non-profits, and religious groups.

We're different because of our culture. We believe it's our biggest competitive advantage. We're passionate about creating positive experiences for our customers, and ensuring that our platform isn't being used to spam marketing or political messages.

fill-headshot-lightblue Brad Herrmann fill-headshot-dots About Brad Herrmann
Brad Herrmann is the founder and president of Call-Em-All, an automated calling and group texting company that provides solutions for small and medium sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, and individuals. Since 2005, Call-Em-All has grown to send more than 5 million group calls and texts each month. Brad is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

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