After months of hard work, our team recently released our most requested feature: Transfer & Connect. Transfer & Connect allows recipients of an automated call the opportunity to be transferred to a live agent in your office for immediate connection by pressing ‘0’ on their keypad.

Even we had a use for this new feature! We identified a time-consuming, inefficiency in our accounting process that made it difficult for us to manage and follow-up with outstanding balances: collections calls.

Without hesitation, our Accounting department eagerly put Transfer & Connect to work for collections and billing announcements. Before Transfer & Connect, the Accounting team’s process would take days to complete. Calling all of our account holders, leaving messages when needed, and following up with customers took several days of precious time. Sending calls with Call-Em-All has already saved time and reduced labor costs. The rate of speed the calls are delivered and the simplicity of creating a message makes the use of this feature a no-brainer. Transfer & Connect allows us to not only call every outstanding account with an announcement of the unresolved balance but we also experience a higher success rate in receiving updates on payments.

This new feature takes the normal business practice of notifying customers of outstanding balances to the next level because of the personal interaction that occurs. If a customer wants to discuss the outstanding invoice further or complete the payment immediately, the call is transferred to an available agent on our end. These interactions have allowed us to more quickly update our records and receive prompt payments.

In our experience, if a transferred customer engages with one of our agents, there is a more positive response from customers to receiving a collections call. We understand that emails might be missed or deleted but the phone is always around. Call-Em-All has always been a tool that reaches significantly more contacts with a quick, informative message for customers. It has now developed into a tool that can decrease our agents’ workload and provide customers with peace of mind.

We are very excited to share this tool with our clients and we're confident that it will be just as helpful in your business. Whether sending appointment reminders, payment reminders, or emergency notices, the ability to capture engaged audiences is invaluable and can be the difference maker in your organization!