As the year comes to an end, we love looking back and reflecting on all of the hard work that Call-Em-All has accomplished. Between releasing upgraded product features, hiring six new employees, making a positive impact in the community, partaking in some pretty epic events (Small Giants Leadership Academy in Detroit and Staffing World in Las Vegas), and launching an upgraded website with new branding (thanks, Salted Stone!), we've been, well, busy. It's always fun to take a trip down memory lane, and here at Call-Em-All, we like to reminisce about the #positiveimpact we've made. To wish 2019 a fond farewell, we're recapping our top five and bottom five blog posts of the year.

5 Top Viewed Blogs of 2019:

1) The Difference Between Group Message & Mass Text Messages

  • Recap: Often, users get confused between group messages and mass text messages. While the two sound and appear similar, there's a thin line that differentiates them. Find out the details between the two in this blog!

2) The Anatomy of a Successful Text Message

  • Recap: In a day and age where over-communication is more rampant than ever, it’s as equally important to carefully choose the content in your broadcasts as it is to utilize them for your business. If you want to improve message response rates, read this blog to find out the five must-follow tips.

3) Price Increase to Your Monthly Plan

  • Recap: This year, Call-Em-All announced our first price increase to monthly plans since we began business in 2005. Although only 15% of accounts were affected, we wanted our customers to understand why we made this decision.

4) Announcing a Fresh New Look!

  • Recap: We were busy this year designing and launching a new look for Call-Em-All! Find out more about our experience working with Salted Stone, as well as why we changed our brand and website.

5) Profitability & Growth Without a Sales Team

  • Recap: Early on, Call-Em-All made the decision not to grow a sales team. We're not anti -sales, per se, it's just that it doesn't fit our culture. In this blog, we want you to know five things about our Account Management team.

We love focusing on the positive, but in case you missed it, here are the 5 Least Viewed Blogs of 2019:

1) Why Free Messaging Services Are Not Sustainable

  • Recap: Businesses today leverage several approaches to communication. Among these solutions, there is generally at least one preferred application for instant messaging. However, not all messaging apps are created equal.

2) How Government Organizations Use Automated Texting & Calling Services

  • Recap: Automated texting and calling services are a hit not only among businesses but government organizations as well. Mobile campaigns are effective in reaching a large part of the community, making it a suitable choice for government organizations.

3) How to Make Your Sales Team More Efficient Through Technology

  • Recap: Companies that communicate well internally are more efficient and make far less costly mistakes. Texting, emailing, internal social platforms, and videoconferencing are important components of increasing communication flow in an operating environment.

4) 4 Messaging Tips for Back-to-School

  • Recap: From the first day of kindergarten to the first day of college, August will likely be full of checklists and schedules. If you're trying to find a solution to help simplify your schools communication needs, automated text messaging might be the answer.

5) #PositiveImpact Announcement

  • Recap: It’s no secret that negative news dominates headlines. However, we wanted to be the change. This year, we decided that our content will begin transitioning to align more with our #positiveimpact campaign.