Last week we explained how to monitor messenger activity on Did you know you can set up other users to be connected to your Call-Em-All account to also send automated phone calls?

You can even set their preferences to only view certain contact lists & broadcasts. Here we'll show you how.

First, go to My Account-->Messengers-->Edit. 


You can set specific broadcast preferences for the messenger's account as well.

For instance, if you would not like your coaches or recruiters to send a phone tree call past 8pm, you can set the calling window to be at 8pm. The messenger's respective phone number can also display for the Caller ID when they send a broadcast as well.

If you'd like the messenger to be able to send a text from their cell phone to a group, enter their Mobile Number in the box on the top right.

Also, if you would like the messenger to only see his or her contact lists and broadcasts, slide the Yes/No box over to NO.