We know it's frustrating to spend time and resources calling people whose numbers have changed. If you're wanting to clean up your database and get rid of those invalid numbers, we recommend sending a broadcast to all numbers listed in your database.

Whether you're a girl scout troop calling for meeting times, doctor's office sending vaccine reminders, or non-profit calling those who need assistance, many of our organizations are sending an automated call to the effect of:

"This is Smithville Family Practice updating our records. If you'd prefer to be contacted at a different number or would no longer like to receive notifications, call 877-226-3080."

1. After completing your broadcast, you will click on the broadcast name from the home page.

2. Then click on the "Invalid Numbers" tab on the broadcast details page.

3. Then, click "Delete from Contacts." Pretty simple, right?

4. If you want to export this data for external use, simply click "Download to CSV" to generate a spreadsheet.


It's important to note that you are not charged for invalid numbers. If you are on the Pay-As-You-Go plan, those credits will drop back into your account after the broadcast has completed.