Do you have a phone number on your contact list that would prefer not be contacted anymore?  This is a great feature if someone's number has changed, would prefer to only receive text and not voice messages, or is no longer a member of your organization.

Opting Numbers Out in Your Account 

You can do this by going to Reports-->Opt Out Report.

opt out report

On the Opt Out page, press +Add, then this dialogue box will appear. You'll add the number and select which type of communication they'd like to opt out from.  Click Add once you're done!

opt out number

Self Opt-Out

The recipient can also opt out of automated calls themselves on the website by going to and selecting Opt Out under Useful Tools at the bottom of the page. As a reminder, if someone does not want to receive text messages from you, they can always reply to a message with the word STOP or CANCEL. 



Opt Numbers Back In

Did someone accidentally opt out of receiving calls from you? You can add them back with their written permission from the opt out list.

Click on the number on the opt out list to opt them back in.

opt in

If you have written permission to call the number and if calling it will not violate Call-Em-All's responsible use policy, then click the two checkboxes and select Remove!

opt back in

Voila! The number is back on your list!

Have any questions? You can always call us at 877-226-3080 or e-mail us at!