In an era of ever increasing need for campus security, we take a look back at how Call-Em-All has provided almost instant communication to many EMT groups. Last year, Senior Contributing Editor Brendan Read wrote an article on about how the University of Massachusetts-Lowell uses Call-Em-All for mass notification for emergencies. Speed, accuracy, and consistency are very important when time is critical for the EMTs to constantly help up to 12,000 students. During a bad ice storm in New England, UMass used Call-Em-All to reach out to EMS to help ensure that shelters were well equipped. Mathew Ricci, director of operations at UMass Lowell EMS, loves that it only takes a few minutes to send a call to all 25 personnel giving each person instructions on where to be and what they can do to assist. Since the personnel are all part-time, he especially likes the up-to-the-minute reporting; if many of the calls go to voicemail, he can send out another broadcast and call the next 25 numbers. UMass is on Pay As You Go pricing, only paying for Call-Em-All when they actually send emergency calls.

Have you ever used Call-Em-All for an emergency?

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