Over the past several months, we've been introducing new sections of our app, and today we're releasing our biggest update of the year which includes Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting and an updated look for User Settings.

This latest update will be available to about 4000 customers today. If you don't see the changes in your account, but really want them, just reach out to our support team and we'll manually switch you over. See the video below for a brief tour. 

Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting

Call-Em-All now offers an Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting plan. This will allow you to use your text number to send text messages to individual contacts (or small groups up to 15 contacts) as often as you need for the flat cost of $40 a month per number. 

This is available to be used with our pay-as-you-go credits plan. Our monthly group-size users are already covered, as their plans include unlimited texting.

This is great for customers who want send mass broadcasts to large groups, and don't want to worry about additional costs associated with ongoing text conversations with contacts. It's also a budget-friendly option for clients that just need to text individuals and small groups.

Now you can use Call-Em-All for mass messaging via voice AND text, OR for personalized individual texting.

Master users can enable this feature in the new User Settings section. If you have questions, please contact us.

Updated Settings Design

The entire settings section has been reorganized and simplified. Most notably, new accounts will see an updated interface for purchasing credits that will be rolling out to all customers soon.

As always, we're here to help and love to hear your feedback - feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to our support team.